Sunday, 17 June 2012

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Announcement: One of our much loved and very talented Tattoo Artists Tinka Katinka has moved back to Hungary to concentrate on her tattoo supply business.
Everyone at Renaissance wishes her good luck and every success for the future, we are grateful for the amazing work she produced while she was with us!

Her very gifted replacement, Peter is happy to take up where she left off and continue producing incredible artwork! 

You can check our Peter's tattoo portfolio via the link below, he's now taking bookings and as he's new his waiting list is pretty short so get in touch and book in!!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


What a special time of year, bunny rabbits and baa-lambs are bouncing around in the fields flowers are blooming and everyone is starting to think about Summer. For most of us this this usually involves getting in shape and invariably showing more skin!! Now is an excellent time to start thinking about your latest tattoo masterpiece or perhaps removing and old, embarassing one...

This newsletter includes info on: Free tattoos, laser tattoo removal, conventions, gift vouchers, apprentice progress, and of course, incredible tattoos!!



Every Saturday we will have a different Renaissance Artist (and sometimes a surprise guest Artist) offering walking tattoos. You will need to arrive early enough to avoid disappointment, are running this on a first come, first served basis. Larger tattoos will have to be booked in as an appointment.

From Next Saturday (5th May) the Walk-in Artist is the incredibly gifted Peter so if you like his style, stop by and take a seat in our comfy reception area...


Our Apprentice Matt has been with us for a while now and his been improving every day, he is an absolutely gifted artist and he's been doing some amazing tattoo work.

Matt is now looking for new people to tattoo and he's offering free tattoos to anyone  over 18 years of age with ideas that he likes the sound of so please phone us on 01923 510877 or email: If you'd like a free tattoo from Matt.

Below are some examples of his work:


Some recent examples of our stunning custom work....

By Emil

By Tinka

By Amanda

By Adie


We've begun work on building our new studio, it's currently in a state of umm... 'Slight disrepair' but it's going to be an amazing space when it's finished.


We had an amazing time at the Tattoo Tea Party convention in Manchester!!

Adie, Amanda, Emil, Jake and entourage travelled up to 'Event City' to work alongside the (specially invited) cream of the UK tattoo artists, catch up with old friends and meet plenty of new ones! The whole place had an electric atmosphere, everyone commented on what a special vibe the place had and we were all on such a high. Our beautifully decorated stand (credit to Amanda's hard work) drew the crowds and we were booked out solid all weekend. We're grateful to our friends Neil and Martin at Tattoo Revolution Magazine and Tattoo TV for their hospitality and we'll certainly be returning next year as  we think it's by far the best on the circuit, along with the September London Convention!

Some event photos below!

Our stand at the show...

Amanda with client..

Paintings by Emil...

Jake X Tattooing ...

Portable kit

                                                                        Adie Tattooing